Can Computer Games Improve Intelligence?

There are some people that feel that children should not play computer games or that they should be limited in the amount that they do play. This is because they feel that it is not good for their brains, among other things.
However, there is no evidence to proof that this is the case. In fact a lot of people who work in computers and therefore are very intelligent, played a lot of games when they were younger.
It is important to understand that playing computer games often takes a lot of thought. They may be puzzle to solve or problems, for example. It may be that they have to use skills to get through the game or that they are playing games where you have to solve maths puzzles or similar things to win. There are so many different types of games and these all take different skills. This means that if they are playing a range of games, then they be gaining different things.
It is also important to realise that by increasing their confidence with using computers and having fun with them, they will be able to achieve more when they are using them for educational or work purposes. It is always good to keep your skills fresh and do what you can to improve them, even if this means playing games. Games can also be a good way to socialise with others as many people will talk about their favourite computer games.
Intelligence is something that many people say is fixed and cannot be changed and it all depends on your definition of it. However, using computer in any way can improve your computer skills and playing certain types of games can also give you additional skills. Therefore it would be hard to argue that they improve intelligence but also hard to argue that they do not add to your skills.