Are Flash Driving Games Good Preparation for Driving?

There are a lot of fun flash games that involve driving. These could be parking games or games where you have to drive a course as fast as you can, avoiding obstacles or destroying things. These can be a lot of fun and take a lot of skill. However, there are arguments that they are not a good way to start off your driving experience.
There is a lot to be said for the fact that children easily know the difference between reality and games and so there would be no risk of them thinking that driving as fast as they can and crushing things is the way that they should be driving themselves. They also are very likely to have had experience of travelling in cars and so will know the difference.
However, driving games can show them the importance of driving safely. They may play games where they have to avoid hitting pedestrians or learn about road safety which will help to teach them some useful skills. The may also get to learn about good parking skills and how much you have to concentrate in order to park well and avoid hitting other cars.
It will not give them an idea of the true responsibility of driving or the skills needed to steer, brake, accelerate etc, but it will start to give them an idea of what it might like to drive. It may them keen on driving or put them off, but as long as they know that the games are fun and not an indication of reality then there should be no reason to worry about them. They should also be made aware of how the games are not going to mean they will not need driving lessons before they take their test.