Can you play too many games?

There are some people that worry about children who play computer games. They feel that it is unhealthy for them to play lots of games and that they should not be allowed to do it. However, there are other people who feel that it is not a problem at all. The unhealthy argument with regards to playing games is because people feel that children should be running around and playing instead of sitting down. However, it has been found that children are doing as much exercise on average now as they were thirty years ago and so this cannot be used as an explanation for the obesity epidemic.

If a child plays a game all of the time and it interferes with their schoolwork, then this is a problem. They need to be able to balance their lives and understand that there are important things that need to take priority over playing games. Ensuring that they go to bed on time and are not staying up playing games, is another example of this. As is missing out on family meals because they are too involved in playing to come to the table.

Some children will watch a lot of television, others will sit down and read, draw or paint. None of these activities actually involve doing anything physically. Playing games can be good for the imagination and problem solving and so they may be arguably better than television when you are not needed to think. Actually there are lots of games types where players have to think about their next step. You can try to play logical games or defense games you. These games demand huge concentration and calculation. You can test tower defense games at or at our section with defense games here:

So in conclusion, you can play too many games. If playing is interfering with school work or everyday life then the amount played should be reduced. However the argument that games are making children less fit is actually unfounded. Some games can actually help with brain function and so these could be useful for a developing child.