Matchbook Bonus Code 2018: Write ‘CASHMATCH’

Matchbook has a number of bonus codes this 2018 to provide customers with a variety of promo events. One of these bonus codes includes “CASHMATCH”. These codes provide a Cash-Back Mondays, Random Tuesdays, Reloads on Thursdays and so on. There is also a casino IOS mobile app of 10 euros, a casino offers for 20 free spins and other bonuses such as Twitter Spinners.

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Bonus & Offers details

SPORTS: 0% commission fee
HORSE RACING: 0% commission fee
CASINO: £500 bonus (slots, live casino, table games)


Commission Free Betting On All Sports Until December 31st 2018

Expires on: 31-12-2018
Last check: 2 days ago
matchbook bonus code
Bonus Code box on the sign-up page

Latest Matchbook Bonus Codes

Matchbook UKBonus & Promotions (2018)Matchbook bonus code
Sports Betting / Exchange 0% commission CASHMATCH
Horse Racing / Exchange 0% commission CASHMATCH
Casino £500 bonus CASHMATCH
Live Casino £500 bonus CASHMATCH
Games & Vegas 50 free spins CASHMATCH

The coupon code for Matchbook, ‘CASHMATCH’ is put on the leaderboard, which is a scoreboard that displays the names and present scores of the leaders in a competition. Any of the players who succeed in staying atop the leaderboard for some time, will get a cash bonus of 1000 euros. Other sports prizes are included along with a mini iPad. Before you can participate in this offer, you need the Matchbook bonus code “CASHMATCH”.

All the bonus codes can be located at the top section of the website where the casino promotion and exchange promotions are listed, right under the ‘help and learning’ area.

FAQs and introduction on the Exchange Betting

Can a Matchbook veteran player benefit from the bonus code?

A matchbook veteran cannot benefit from the bonus code, but matchbook veterans have full permission to use promotions, such as the “boost your profits”.

What does a ‘lay’ bet mean?

This can be referred to placing a bet, that an event will not take place. That is, putting up a stake against a certain outcome. For example, putting up a stake in a game that a team will not win the game or that a player will not score a point in the game.

What does ‘back’ bet/stake mean?

When you ‘back’, it means you have placed a bet that you will get a certain result. It is the regular kind of bet. In layman’s term, say you ‘back’ Chelsea football club for a football match, it means you are betting on them to emerge as the winners of the match. It could be for more than a match, it could be backing up the team for the entire league.

What does ‘Market Exposure’ mean?

Market exposure means the sum of funds kept in your account be used for matched or unmatched wager. While free funds refer to funds you can bet directly bet and get counted by removing the present exposure off your balance.

What does a ‘matched bet’ mean?

Stakes are rightly matched when another bettor puts a contrary bet contrary to what you are betting for or against. When such is bettor is found, you both get paired and this is called a matched bet

What does ‘unmatched bet’ mean?

Your bet is unmatched if there is no another bettor placing bets contrary to your stake. Until your bet can be rightly matched, it will remain in the sports market, tagged as specials until a bettor match is available, you decide to take them off or if the market gets closed.

What is the lowest stake amount on Matchbook?

The minimum stake amount is 2 euros/dollar/pounds.

Is it possible to open a Matchbook account in any location?

Firstly, you need to confirm that gambling online is allowed in the particular country you reside in or the country you occupy at the time you choose to create a Matchbook account. There are countries that do not allow web gambling and you are advised to make sure of such rules before signing up to a Matchbook account. If you go against their rules and proceed to online gambling in such countries, you might face legal charges.

What are the commissions promo on Horse Races?

On horse races, you can ‘lay’ and ‘back’ with no commissions. This is for you to be able to optimize your margins.

Can I create a Matchbook account anytime?

Yes, you can. But you have to be over 18 years and above in the country you are in, to be able to create an account. If you are younger, Matchbook will not permit you to open an account.

2018 Features and Promotions

This 2018, Matchbook betting exchange has very appealing offers. These offers are:

Matchbook Signing up Offer

Matchbook makes the cash available within 5 days of trading on the website. Players can deposit with credit or debit cards. When a player puts in 1 euro for commission, they will get one Matchbook point and when the player gains five Matchbook points, they will make an earning of five euros. The maximum of this offer in 500 euros. Note that the E-wallet method of payment is not permitted for only the first deposit.

In the first five weeks after signing up with a new account on Matchbook using the ‘CASHMATCH’ bonus codes, you can earn close to 60 euros. To qualify, you have to make deposits with either a credit card or a debit card. Note that other modes of payments are not included in this offer. After you have funded your account, you need to proceed to laying and backing markets on the Matchbook system. For every 1 euro you place in your bet commission, you will be given 1 Matchbook point and every time you get up to five Matchbook points, you get five pounds. The highest amount you can gain in this is 50 euros. To get this Matchbook promotion, you must ensure that each of your bets is fully completely placed during the 5 weeks qualification limit. If you place them later, they will not qualify for these promotions.

Colossus Jackpots

Matchbook made a deal with Colossus Bets in 2015 and since then, the operator constantly gives offers for mega jackpot pools. The hugest of the jackpot is up to 10,000,000. There are also a number of smaller ones. Note the bigger the jackpot pool is, the more difficult winning is. The major idea of the jackpots is to win, you must make correct predictions for the outcomes of a series of events in a particular sport. On weekly basis there are various options are provided for the jackpot such as football and so on. Simply find out if a sport you like is included on the Colossus schedule.

Football often has the biggest Match Colossus jackpot which involves 7 different games from various European competitions. To bag the 10 million euros, you need to predict the scores correctly. There are also lesser but very interesting rewards for getting 5 to 6 pick. If two or more people win, the jackpot prize is shared between them equally.

World Cup Betting with Matchbook

On the betting exchange website, Matchbook provides all its new users with a bonus of 500 euros. Users can gain from the promotion offer but they also have to change the Matchbook points to cash money. Note that for a bet to qualify, it has to be staked at a price of 2.50 or lower betting odds, while the lay bet to qualify is set for 1.67 or a higher odd.

Commission offered by the Matchbook

The Matchbook presents various offers and promotions to their users for in order for them to enjoy sports betting. The commissions Matchbook offers are, 1.5% and 0.75%. However, more betting offers have been recently made available to players to have a better sports betting experience all year long. Matchbook charges as low commissions as possible from it players so as to encourage its new bettors. This is better than other exchange betting websites who charge higher commissions of about 5%. With Matchbook, there are a lot of special bonuses and free deals offered to players to optimize their betting experience.

About £500 Welcome Bonus

Unlike other renowned casinos such as Ladbrokes, Gala and so on, Matchbook created its own casino games. These special casino games can be found in ‘MB Casino’. This means you cannot find their live dealers, slots or table games, anywhere else. As a welcome package, you get a mega offer of 500 Euros to begin playing. All you have to go to get this bonus is to play a minimum of 3x the amount you deposited. The bonus code is necessary to help you get this offer. Matchbook also sets up new games monthly such as ‘Lucky Easter’. Simply put in the ‘CASHMATCH’ bonus code while signing up on the Matchbook site to get this casino offer.

Product Review for Matchbook

The Matchbook website home page is created and styled in a manner that makes the choosing sports for betting, much easier and faster for the user. Firstly, when you open your account, you can immediately gain a bonus of 500% which is valid for £ 500 or lower, along with free 50 spins.

Under every sport, 2 options are presented to direct new users in order for the users to proceed to bet with all the information they need on the sport and know the rules to follow. Live games available for betting in real time are displayed in the live betting segment.

On the website, you will find a wide variety of casino games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machines. When you create a Matchbook account, it can be funded directly with a deposit. This deposit can be done with any of the payment modes listed out on the site. You can withdraw funds to your credit/debit card or bank account as long as it has been registered. Most of the time, there are no withdrawal fees deducted during these transactions, but you might get charged for transactions when betting does not cover the fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Matchbook sticks to a 1% charge in wins or loses, unlike Betfair that charges you with 5% on each of your wins.

Mobile App

Matchbook mobile application is a wagering app which provides punters with a variety of sports market to place their stakes on. The application is structured in a very simple and neat format that makes it easier to operate, compared to that of its competitors. Matchbook application also has a great performance level in terms of playing experiences and navigations. This means that user-friendly app has no setbacks.

Popular Bets. One other great features of the application is that the application always informs you on the current promising sports to place bets on in order to optimize your bets.

Preview Events. On the lower section of the application, under the popular stakes segment, there is a ‘preview event’ section. In that section, you can preview any event that is waiting or that is currently playing at that time. If you need more information on a particular event, all you have to do is swipe across that event and you will get a write up of that event pop up with the information you need.

Live Betting. A live betting option is available on the top menu if you have an interest on placing on live bets while the game is playing in real time. All the latest events are displayed in this section.

The drop-down Menu. On the top part of the page, there is a drop-down menu. On this menu, all the sports markets available on the app will be displayed.

Matchbook also offers a live casino special area for every one of its fans with a live dealer feature.

How does the Matchbook site work?

The site provides you with a variety of betting options that gives punters solid reasons to pick their services over other betting sites and participate. They include:

  • Casino games
  • 1% commission rates
  • Real-time podcast commentary
  • Betting tactics and methods
  • Special days for no horse racing commissions
  • Punter to Punter bet switch
  • Free betting tips from experts
  • Colossus area bets
  • Good choice of funding options
  • Wide range of US sports markets
  • 24/7 available chat support
  • In-match and Pre-match sports markets available for football bettors

You can get an online based community of live game scores, betting previews, twitter posts and a wide range of platforms which are made available for interactions with other site users. The steps to making bets on Matchbook is as easy as pie. All you have to do is select the section that shows a collection of best odds, choose your bet and then submit it. Keep in mind that when a bet has been matched, you cannot reverse it, but there is an option of making a bet contrary to the older bet.

Unmatched bets can be retrieved or ended at any point in time. All you have to do is access the bet slip page and then click on the cancel button which can be found under ‘unmatched bets’. The ‘lay’ option is set for you to make a bet on an event not taking place. There is a ‘backing’ option which is accessible in to make an event prediction bet. To place bets on events that are already happening in real time, you can make use of the live betting option. There is a 1% commission fee taken by Matchbook for every bet you place. This commission fee is collected from your winning bets or funds. Losing your bets, a commission is put on the lesser stake.

Matchbook Casino Games

The Matchbook offers you neatly placed slot video games which are made available by the NetEnt software distributor. The popular slot video games include Koi Princess, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Starburst slots and a number of others. Players can also game with classic Roulette and Blackjack games and also Progressive Blackjack games. For the Roulette, some of the choices include, the European and American versions which are made available with an impressive display of numerous table limits to suit preferences of players Table games start with a minimum limit of € 0.01 and reaches € 5000 euros. Free game trails are available for all.

Live Dealers

The operator of Matchbook’s top priority is customer satisfaction. Due to this, they have now launched a Live Dealers service in their productions. The live games made accessible to the casino fans include:

  • Live Common Draw
  • Live Roulette. High Roller versions or French versions
  • Live Blackjack, both Low Roller versions and High Roller versions

Playing games live with the casino dealers gives you a wonderful experience. There are extra features such as sound effects and music which advances the entire game experience. The audio features can be switched on or off. The video resolution can also be adjusted to high, medium or low to suit your preference. Finally, during every game, every dealer’s name will be made known to you to heightened live experience.

In summary, the game has a more unique appearance because Matchbook creates its own games despite using the NetEnt software distributor.

Matchbook Company Information

Matchbook is an online sports betting community which works under the license and regulations of the Gambling Control Commissions and the U.K Gambling Commission. They provide services to countries all over the world except France and the United States. Note that the offer code for Matchbook is not compulsory to get every active bonus or offer.

If you would rather make use of a more popular betting exchange site, try Betfair or Ladbrokes Exchange. (we do not recommend Betdaq or Smarkets)

The matchbook bonus code is valid until 31/12/2018