Are the Computer Games the Cause of Obesity?

There are lots of theories as to what the cause of obesity is. Some people feel that it is due to a lack of exercise as children spend more time sitting down than they did in the past and specifically blame computers.

Recent research has been carried out in the UK to show that children do more exercise now than they did thirty years ago, when they spent a lot of time watching television. This may be because they are encouraged to do more at school or because of the propaganda about the importance of exercise that has been around lately. However, obesity is still growing and so it seems that it is not down to computer use.

There are many different theories about weight loss and exercise is just one of them. Many people believe that exercise is key, but without controlling eating, then it will not be enough to control weight.

It does seem rather unfair to blame computer games solely on obesity. It could be that some people are not exercising much but it may just be because they are not keen on exercising and if they were not playing computer games they would be doing another sedentary hobby instead.

People who exercise play computer games too. It is not one thing or another and so trying to say that computer games stops exercise is not correct. It is possible to combine them both.

Staying a healthy weight is all about a balance. It is about eating the right foods to suit your body and help you stay a healthy weight. Exercise builds an appetite and so although it builds muscle and can burn fat, it may not lead to any weight loss. Making sure what you eat is healthy is the way to stay slim, it is not to do with how many computer games you play.

Life is all about balance and whether you choose to play computer games or not, you will find that a combination of good eating and exercise will help you to stay fit and healthy regardless of your hobbies.