Do Dress-Up Games Stop Girls Wanting lots of Clothing?

Playing dress-up games can be a lot of fun for girls. They will be able to choose a character and then dress them up in all sorts of different clothing of their choice. This can be a lot of fun for them.
There are some people that would think that this might make girls want to have the same amount of clothes themselves to choose from. They may see outfits that they think will look really good on themselves and think that they would like to buy them or just be jealous of certain looks. If a parent thinks that this might be a problem, then they should be wise enough to stop their daughter playing this sort of game. However, it can open up an opportunity for talking about clothing. It can be good to talk to your daughter about buying outfits and the fact that they will only get a certain amount of time to wear them. This means that they can actually get a lesson from their parents about being frugal. They can talk to them about how clothing does not bring happiness and how it is wise to spend money as well.

They may also find that they may find it difficult to choose outfits when there are so many different types of clothes to choose from. This means that they may be put off getting so many for themselves as they could see the difficulty that they might have with choosing clothing for themselves.

As with all games, it can be good for parents to give some guidelines, insights or information so that the children can learn from them in a positive way. If they would rather their daughter had less clothing then they can explain to them the disadvantages of having so many or if they do not mind then they can show them how much fun it can be.