Flash Games for Boys

There are plenty of flash games on the market for boys. Although both boys and girls play games, there does seem to be more games aimed at boys.

Games such as shooting games, defence games, many role play games and even some puzzle games seem to be specifically designed for boys to play. This means that it is possible for boys to have a lot of choice in the different games that they might like to play. There used to be a stereotype that boys like fighting games more, but there are now so many different games that boys can play, they do not all have to be like this. There are some fighting games, some based around sports such as boxing or martial arts and some more war based, with weapons such as bows and arrows or guns. However, there are also games based around driving such as monster trucks, bikes and things like that which are not so violent. Some boys prefer games where they have to work things out such as hidden object games and other puzzle games. Some prefer an adventure game where you have to explore places and use certain objects to progress.

There are many games available for boys to play. Some aimed directly at boys and others at boys and girls. It means that boys have plenty to play. The only thing is that boys will tend not to be interested in any of the games that are specifically aimed at girls.

However, girls will tend to be more open minded about playing boys games. This probably means that there are less games available for boys to play than for girls, which may be quite different to what is expected. However, there is still plenty of choice and so no boy will be short of a game to play!