Are addictive games a problem?

Some games can be described as addictive. This is great for people who write games as it means that people will not be able to stop playing them. But it may not be so good for the players. Many parents worry about their children becoming addicted to games, for example.

One thing to remember about games is that eventually we all get bored of a particular game. It may get too hard or we have just played it too much or we have conquered it. This means that however addictive it is deemed to be, it will not take over our lives forever.

However, they could be a problem in the short term, but only if you let them. Playing games can be a lot of fun and there is nothing wrong with doing it in your free time. However, if it starts to intrude on other parts of your life, it can be a problem. If you stop seeing friends and family, stop working or doing chores and things like that, then it is a problem. This is where the game could be considered to be really addictive as that is exactly the same way that addictive substances can take over your life.

Most people do have the ability to stop themselves playing a game if they feel that they are getting too dependent on it. They will cut down how long they are playing or switch to a different game because they know that it is taking over in an unhealthy way. Often something more important will stop them playing it. It only if this is not recognised and behaviour not changed, that it can be a big problem and this is not something that happens often, particularly not in the long term anyway.