Should Children of Any Age be Allowed to Play Computer Games?

There are arguments to say that children should not play too many computer games or should only play for a certain amount of time. There are even people who say that children should not play until they are a certain age. However there are others who feel that it does them good to play early.

Starting using a computer at a young age is very common now. Many children watch their parents on computers, phones or other devices and naturally want to join in or copy them. This is all part of growing up and it can be difficult to deny them doing this if you are doing it yourself.

Growing up using a computer can help to improve computer skills. It can increase confidence with the computer so that they are able to do well when using them when they are older. There are games that are designed for all sorts of ages of children. There are ones where you match colours and shapes r listen to stories which are more suitable for younger children. There are educational games which could help them with school work as they get older and also games that take more skill.

Obviously there are some games that are not suitable for children. However, these tend to have an age recommendation on them in the same way that some films do and so it is important to check for these. These do tend to be more on games for games consoles rather than flash games though. Most flash games are suitable for all ages.

It really is up to the parents as to whether they feel their child is ready to play certain games as well as how long they think they should be able to play for.