Are Computer Games Really Relaxing?

There is quite a lot of debate as to whether computer games are relaxing or not. Some people feel that they cause a rush of adrenalin and are very stimulating; however other people feel that they are a good distraction from problems.

It can depend on the game of course. Some games are much more stimulating than others and there are a lot of differences between games where you have to be quick, skilled or solve problems. It may be that the shooting or defence games increase adrenalin whereas the problem solving games do not do so. There may also be differences in the way that different people react to different games.

Having anything that distracts you from your worries can be really helpful even if it a game that is high adrenalin. It is important to remember that there is good and bad stress and high adrenalin is not necessarily bad and can be relaxing for some people. If it is enough to stop them worrying, then it will be more relaxing for them than not playing it, if they then just worry.

There are some that argue that having electronic things on all of the time is not healthy and does not help with relaxation. There is no conclusive research about this and it may just depend on the individual. We are going to be moving in to an even more electronic world and so it may be best to find ways to manage it rather than avoid it.

It is worth monitoring your own behaviour and that of your children to find out whether the games they are playing are relaxing. It may be that some are and some aren’t or that they all are or none are. It will take time to work this out but could be worth it to find out when certain games should be played.<