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To keep supplies moving during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, freight operators and their customers are being targeted with a major new 16-week campaign.

With just five months to go until London 2012, the campaign, developed by Transport for London (TfL) and London 2012, is encouraging people who make or receive deliveries in Games transport 'hotspot' areas to plan and 'Get Ahead of the Games'.  

You'll be able to spot the advertising on petrol station fuel pump nozzles, at motorway service stations, at major ports, in trade magazines and on the radio.

Listen to our radio advert.


The purpose of the campaign is to encourage businesses which make or receive deliveries to plan for road restrictions, familiarise themselves with the Olympic Route Network (ORN), consider out-of-hours deliveries and allow extra time for their journeys.

Freight companies and their customers will all need to plan ahead. Whether delivering clean hotel linen, fresh food, scrap metal or household goods, businesses need to think about how their routine deliveries may be affected.

Although London is hosting the Games, other cities across the UK will also be affected. So, if you're based in locations such as Cardiff, Eton Dorney, Manchester or Weymouth and Portland, as well as London, you will also need to plan ahead. Busier roads at peak times and restrictions on parts of the UK's road network mean that deliveries could be disrupted.

Help is on hand. The campaign is supported by more than 200 free TfL workshops, both inside and outside the Capital to help hauliers and their customers.

To apply for a place, visit TfL where there is a full list of workshop dates, times and locations.

The @GAOTG official Twitter feed will also provide for further information and advice in the run up to the Games.  

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