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As part of the 'Get Ahead of the Games' campaign, the @GAOTG Twitter feed has been launched to provide both commuters and spectators with information on traffic and travel.

As part of the National 'Get Ahead of the Games' campaign, the @GAOTG Twitter feed was launched today. It's been set up to be a helpful and informative resource for people travelling in and around London or other UK Games venues.

@GAOTG will give you advice and useful information on travel hotspots and options so you can plan ahead and make your journey easier. We aim to keep our followers up to date with all the latest information we have on road closures and restrictions, travel hotspots, fun ideas to get around and things to consider when travelling during the Games.

The official Twitter feed will also link to other organisations such as Transport for London, London 2012 and many other travel operators. Follow us now to stay informed.

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